Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching

Coaching is fundamentally a way to unlock a person’s potential and at the same time help them achieve personal or professional success.

It achieves this by developing and encouraging an individual’s personal best.

Coaching , keeps the person forward thinking and focussed on new opportunities for growth and development. The coach works with the client to overcome obstacles and supports him to conquer self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

Through this process the client not only explores opportunities in order to maintain balance between professional and personal life but can experience transformational milestones in his life journey.


Benefits of Life Coaching

Being able to clarify what you want from your personal or your professional life

Receiving help with formulating your vision and purpose

Receiving guidance with the Identification of more effective goals

Getting vital support from your coach through the journey of change

Being realistically encouraged to maintain focus on your goals

Receiving constructive criticism

Having the undivided attention of your coach for your ideas, options and plans.


How It Works

Coaching is honest and confidential communication between the coach and the client. The coach helps you see your circumstances from a different perspective so that you can realise that you already have answers to many of your questions.

Coaching is about asking the right questions not providing answers. A coach will listen and identify the answer sometimes even if you are not aware of it.

Coaching is based on trust between the coach and the client. In this way you will be receptive to the coach’s constructive questions.

Coaching focuses on positive attitude in personal and professional environments.

Coaching works through motivation and boosting the client’s self-belief.

A coach can identify patterns that sabotage your progress and help you see solutions and opportunities that were not obvious before.