Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching


Business coaching is a rather broad term with many subcategories, but essentially it means coaching a business team with the possibility of following it up with individual coaching for certain members of that team.

Some people use the term “Business Coaching” when they mean specific advice for a specific subject, this though comes under the responsibilities of business advisors or mentors.


How It Works


A business coach does not need to know the business their clients are in and he/she does not offer advice. As with all types of coaching, business coaches show how to improve business by using tested methods and in that way help clients reach their chosen goals.

I have also come across another use of the term “Business Coaching”, when the coach is specializing in coaching business people specifically, or even in a specific area of business i.e. leadership coaching, coaching for success etc.

Business coaching to teams and individuals can improve various areas in an enterprise, from creating a bonded and harmonious management team to saving money.

Coaching is a key resource for optimizing potential for both individual achievement and for high performing, sustainable excellence throughout the company.

For example it can:

  • Fulfill and attune a team’s potential and behavior
  • Apply strategic change
  • Share the vision in action
  • Grow in unison

In order to achieve this, the coaches start an interactive process where they facilitate, encourage and guide the progress of the client towards the agreed goals. In addition they support the participants in their own development  and their contribution to the whole company’s success.

The typical results of a company going through a coaching process are:

  • Team alignment
  • Shared team vision
  • Innovative growth
  • Increased motivation
  • Concerted Initiative
  • Loyalty
  • Conflict resolution


Benefits of Life Coaching


The coach provides guidance and support for sustainable commitment to the everyday and long term goals and visions. Furthermore, coaching can identify areas where  mentoring for specific skills that need to be included for the personal development of individuals is needed for the benefit not only of the individual participant but of the enterprise in general.

Most companies understand that because they operate as living systems and, in exactly the same way as an individual, in order to improve their position in their market they must go forward and embrace methods like coaching which promote learning and team alignment.


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